10 Reasons Why Most Online Marketers Fail


Why Marketers Fail – 10 Reasons!

Why do marketers fail? We all know that exceptionally good money can be made on-line but the sad fact is that many people fail in their attempts to establish themselves in an on-line business. It is important to remember that this is not exclusive to the on-line world. Many ordinary or “brick and mortar” businesses also fail for a variety of reasons. But today we are just considering the Internet and its vast opportunities.

There are many reasons people don’t succeed in their pursuit of an online income. I have failed in all these areas at least once myself, and some of them many times. How about you?

The 10 Reasons Why Most Online Marketers Fail

1.  Lack of vision
2. Lack of a plan Lack of follow through
3. Too small a vision
4. Lack of self-belief
5. Marketing products you don’t identify with
6. Giving up just when you are about to succeed
7. Family opposition and criticism
8. Lack of investment in yourself and your business
9. Treating your online business like a hobby not a business
10. Getting distracted by “Bright Shiney Things” -(other opportunities)

-and probably a few more you can think of also. If you look at the list above you may notice that the biggest challenges to the on-line market success are not in physical things but in the mind. It necessary to be disciplined and to overcome every obstacle with a positive attitude, enthusiastic optimism and refusing to believe that your future is anything other than amazingly, awesomely fruitful, successful and financially rewarding.

Blaming failure on someone else or your circumstances is also fatal to your business as it shows that you are not really taking total responsibility for your own success or failure!

So with these little challenges out of the way, what do you need to do to become successful on-line? You need great attitudes, You need a plan, You need to take constant consistent action. You need to review your progress and adjust your processes accordingly, then repeat…. That’s it!

So if you are wanting an exciting future in a home based business, MLM, on-line income opportunity, and IF you have great attitudes, then I can help you with the rest. I can tailor a plan to your needs, show you the technical stuff you need to know and generally give advice and encouragement when needed.

I won’t take over your project, I won’t take responsibility for your success or failure, I won’t whip you if you are lazy. I will support you when you have challenges. I will encourage you, I will praise you when your inner genius shines and your creativity turns into cash. If you have any questions please contact me.


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Expect to Pay to get into an Opportunity?

Expect to Pay To Get Into an Opportunity?

Would you expect to pay to get into an opportunity? A friend of mine just asked on social media, “If you were offered an opportunity, say for a business or a money making program of some sort, would you expect to pay? There were several comments. Here is what I said…

“If you want a hobby, go play. If you want a business, then by definition it will have expenses and income.
If it’s a bad business, the income will be less than the expenses.If it’s a good biz it will have profit.

If you start a business you need start-up capital.  Usually that’s done with debt with a three to four year break-even.  Heck why do we think it will be different on the net.  Get over it!  Invest in yourself and pay up!”  

The best investment you can make in building an online business is to invest in yourself.  So to answer my original question,  Yes, you should expect to pay to get into an opportunity. There are several reasons for this but the main one is obvious.  By investing in yourself you increase your value to others. By doing so you are increasing the the amount of money that people are going to want to pay for the goods and services you offer.  If you have more value, people will value you higher and pay you higher. Simple!

So when you are offered something, evaluate it, sure, but don’t expect it for free.  Like the guy in my cartoon here (you can tell I’m no artist), having lunch with a Mafia Don!

Expect to Pay to get into an Opportunity
Free Lunch?

There is no such thing as a free lunch.”  The don is gonna want something, that’s for sure.  It doesn’t mean we have to be cynical about everyone we deal with, but we still need to be prudent.

It is just that if we see value we should be prepared to get out our wallets and invest in ourselves and our futures.  That is also why it is really important to give value to all the people we interact with on the Internet.

Offer Value…  The result is that when people see we are giving of ourselves and offering incredible value, they will be happy to buy whatever service or products we have.


P.S.  As an example of the above, here is a product which I know has amazing value and only costs $19.00.  If you choose to invest in yourself and buy it and use it I guarantee it will increase your value as a marketer,  and as a result people will buy from you.  How do I know this?   Because I use it myself…  >>>Check It Out Now and Invest In Yourself<<<

Got a Website? Need Traffic?

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What every piece of real estate on the web needs is traffic. Sadly many webmasters, business builders, entrepreneurs and bloggers try to build their site’s popularity using search engine optimization, article marketing, link-building and other methods that produce only sporadic and temporary results.

It is important to realize that having only one or two traffic generation methods is going to seriously hinder your efforts to promote your site.  What you need to do is learn a large variety of traffic methods to develop the skills to fire traffic at your site almost at will. You also need to continually develop new methods and skills to do this because everything on the Net changes so quickly. Many online businesses have taken a huge hit simply because the big G changed some of the rules from time to time.

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