How to Recover From MLM Meltdown

Warning This Is a Long Blog Post to help you recover from MLM Meltdown …. but if you are wringing you hands and pulling your hair out, and are feeling exhausted from holding meetings, trying to get you friends and family into your business, and callin people you don’t know, only to be rejected yet again, then you definitely need to recover from mlm meltdown before you will start to see success. You need to read this right to the bottom and then take action.  I have given you real value in this post and you need to treat it with the respect it deserves.  (If you want the Short Version Click here! )

…Here we go..

Good News! You can recover from MLM meltdown.  (This is where you have burned off your warm list and family and friends and are struggling to find leads for your business.) If you are building an MLM business and have “hit the wall” then you are not alone.

Thousands of network marketers and online business builders have found the same experience. Some have overcome it and gone on to be extremely successful and others have not. This is not necessarily the fault of the company or the compensation plan or any external factor. This is something common to any business industry or category on the planet. All business has a high failure rate, period.

However it is very prevalent with MLM’s especially for people who are trying to build a large sales force and they have approached all their friends and family and “warm market” and are constantly getting rejected. The temptation to quit becomes overwhelming and sadly most do. They do not know it to this day, but many of them were just one or two phone calls or meetings away from success.

Now I need to share with you some dark realities of the marketing world. If you are unhappy with the results you are getting from your MLM or online business, and think you may need to recover from MLM meltown, first of all I must tell you that there is hope. You are not here by accident, I found you, my Systems found you!

I  already know a couple of things about you.
1. You took action and got yourself here, which makes you an “Action Taker” and
2. You also recognised there was a problem,
which makes you a “Perceptive Action Taker”,  which is a good thing!

Here is the next secret. It is not your fault. A large number of MLM and online companies are not good at helping you succeed and actually make money. (To be fair they are not all like this and I am involved with 2 of the ones that are good but that is another story.)

Most of them need you to buy their products and be a good “Customer” but they know that if you succeed “too much” they will have to share “too much” of the profits with you.

They know that if you remain a hard-working customer, trying to become a business builder, you will actually buy more product. (Very cynical!) If they can keep you trying hard rather than succeeding, then they maximize their profits while minimizing their expenses in commissions. They set high target volumes (called PV), that you must exceed each month to go further. Those who get past this hurdle and become successful can do very well and make some serious money.

Stay with me.. You are about to learn how!! I am about to share with you three secrets that can turn your MLM or Online business around..  Yes! You can recover from  MLM meltdown for you!

Fact 1. You Can do it.   By the fact that you are still here, I know that you already have the three essential qualities required for your business. You are not only perceptive and an action-taker, you are also persistent. You have an internal belief that you will succeed and quitting is not an option. In other words, you have the success mindset.

Fact 2. You need a plan. You need a plan or a blueprint to get you to where you want to be. To build anything worthwhile, you need a plan and you need to execute the plan. You must know what you need to do on a weekly, daily and hourly basis to build your business. The plan needs to be complete with a start, a middle and an end. The plan has to be a no-fail plan, i.e. it is not just a want-to or hope-to plan. It must be a plan for success. It is NOT trying to get you out of the opportunity  that you are in and into MY opportunity, we see that a lot and it is not pretty out there! This system teaches you the definitive way to sell the opportunity you are already in.

It must be a plan that works for you and for anyone else that you introduce and bring into the business or sell a product to, i.e., it must have integrity. This ensures not only your ongoing success but also that of your team. A vital ingredient of your personal satisfaction in this wonderful marketing industry, is to help others grow and succeed.

3. I have such a Plan (a system) . To help you transform your MLM or business into a successful growing team you need to get past the haranguing of unwilling and unsupportive family and friends, and get a steady stream of leads and customers coming to you who want to to join your business and buy your products. Each of them will need this same plan also, because unless you can duplicate your success and teach that duplication system to your team, the success will stop with you and will limit the growth of your business and especially its potential for generating residual income.

The System will teach you how to generate a steady stream of leads to whatever MLM company or business you are with now. It will give the tools of success to anyone you bring into your business also. How is this done? First ..a little theory..

The Success Formula in business is often defined as
Leads + Conversions = Sales
or since we are now in the internet age,
Traffic + Conversion = Sales

If you put your great business offer, or product or content in front of as many eyeballs as possible, some of these will convert into sales. In this Internet age, Traffic is King. The system I use teaches you to generate traffic and leads and gives you the tools and skills to convert those leads into sales. You and your team members will learn how to generate an endless supply of leads. People who are hungry and looking for your particular opportunity.

*** Here is another gem which has mind-blowing significance if you can grasp it. It took me a while to get it so I will try to be clear… You generate traffic and leads by the processes you are about to learn.   **our System converts them to sales or members of your team**.   You can then help theses people who are coming to you, by showing them your main business. Because they have sought you out, they are far more likely to buy your products and business. Of course many of these people are already in the industry and have an MLM or business or their own that they are promoting. If they do not buy into your MLM you can still help them with theirs because every business needs traffic and leads. So…

If you show these people the system you are using to get leads, (and incidentally how you got them to look at your business), they can purchase this same System through you. So you make a ncie commission from that sale and you hep them succeed.  Great!

The brilliance of this is that you have positioned yourself to make money whether someone joins your main MLM business or not. I hope you can see how powerful this is. If you are not sure about this, yet, re-read the last three paragraphs starting ” *** Here is..“.  It took me several times to grasp the concept.

What does it cost? The answer is “Whatever you are comfortable with!” You can try out the System and get a feel for whether it is as good as I am saying, for as little as $19, or you can go all in and spend lots. There is no pressure or preference either way.  Water finds its own level and I am a great believer in letting people find their own level too. When you see the value you have got your hands on, you won’t be asking that question. Start where you are comfortable, then when you want to stretch yourself and grow some more you can.

I hope that all makes sense to you and that got great value from this.
I also hope that as a Persistent, Perceptive Action-Taker that you are going to take the next step and check it out.

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