Image Size For Twitter

What Image Size For Twitter should I use?

How often do you find yourself asking, ” what image size for twitter should I use in my tweets and cards?”

The size of the image you use is important. You want it to fill the space required without overlapping or worse appearing too small in the available space.  Once you know what image size for twitter posts or cards you need it is not difficult to  modify the size of your image to fit. Many programs can do this and if you have been using a sophisticated graphics package you will already be familiar with this.  However if you don’t have a fancy graphics package, good old  Microsoft Paint will let you do it using the”resize” function.

To help you find the right image size for Twitter, I just found this useful info-graphic, Courtesy of: that gives you all the sizes you need of your images on Twitter.

If you need help on creating Twitter cards ask me for help and I will help you with it.

Feel free to bookmark it and refer back when you need it.

Image size for Twitter

image size for twitter 1

The above gives sizes of Header image, profile photo and tweeted photo.

Twitter Cards..

twitter image size 2

Summary Card -Large image

image size for twitter 3

Photo Cardtwitter image sizer 4

Product Card and Website Cardtwitter image size 5

Image size for Twitter 3






















Hope you find this info useful,

Courtesy of: Agorapulse