Darth Vardar Files – Branding as an Internet Marketer

Darth Vardar was an enigma. Hidden behind black visor and diamond carbon fibre (or whatever it was), he presents an image that is not unlike many marketers on the internet today. Shyness, fear of identity fraud, privacy concerns or just plain old-fashioned shame for their dodgy practices, prevents many internet entrepreneurs from “coming out” and showing who they really are.

They can hide behind pen names, avatars, nicknames, usernames, email sales funnels, alta-egos and logos to present themselves as what they are not. Their customers, colleagues and on-line “Friends” get to see a side of them that they project but there is something seriously missing.

Authenticity, reality, genuineness, trust and human-ness are the victims of this strategy.  Sooner or later the truth will be revealed in one of those awful moments whereby we all cringe and hold our breath as D.V says,

“Luke, I am your Father!”

Well the truth of the matter is that ole Darth will probably feel a lot better out of that stuffy old suit, the planets probably won’t jerk out of alignment, the stars won’t fall, the sun will shine on his face and the Empire will be a better place.

In the marketing world trust is crucial. If a prospect or someone we are helping, does not trust us, do you honestly think they will believe what we say about a product, service or program we are promoting?

People are most inclined to buy from us if they feel we are like them. If they don’t know who we actually are how is that going to happen?

It wouldn’t hurt to think about it.

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