Facebook Lead Generation Tricks

Facebook Lead Generation Tricks

In this post I discuss a special Facebook Lead Generation trick that can be used to get highly targeted leads for your business, M.L.M. or affiliate program.

Within the Facebook advertising platform lie some very valuable treasures.  Unfortunately for most of us they are buried in the deep dark mysteries of ninja techniques.  These are the things that the experts and “gurus” have discovered but do not share with anyone, least of all their potential competitors.

While doing a training with the group I am in, I discovered a gem that enables you to get highly targeted leads while remaining under the radar of the competition. Holy Grail This has been split-tested and found to produce quality leads that you can follow up, knowing that they want to hear from you. This is the Holy Grail of lead generation methods and what the guru’s always aim for but never reveal.

Ninja Facebook Lead Generation

ninja Facebook Lead Generation

This technique uses a feature of the Facebook advertising platform that with two clicks by the prospective lead, will capture the name address, email phone or whatever you like and pass it on to you to follow up. This is combined with an obscure un-advertised feature that is not easy to find.

When you get the lead I would advise you immediately reach out to them with value. This can be a free report, recipe or great content of some sort relevant to them.  Follow up with congruent value is really important to the retention of your lead and conversion to a long-term high value customer.

You can use this technique to get inexpensive leads who are targeted to your niche and offers. If you are building an online business or an MLM this is perfect for lead generation.

To learn how to do this in detail, check out this free training,

“Ninja Lead Method”  which is where I learned this technique and several other really useful lead generation methods.


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