How To Turn a Non Paying Blog Into a Money Machine

How To Turn a Non Paying Blog Into a Money Machine

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What am I talking about?

Ray Higdon’s  The 3-Minute Expert  –  CONTENTS

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Ray Higdon  – The Three Minute Expert

So you have a non paying blog and you have spent a lot of time setting it up, getting the test and images and videos all looking great. You may have shared it on social media sites and promoted it with articles or other traffic generation methods. You have spent hours on it but sadly, no one comes….


… You have a great blog and you get heaps of visitors and you have monetized it carefully but none of your visitors turn into customers or buy from you.  Your dream of making money from your blog is fading.

Sound familiar? I have heard the scary statistic that over 80% of all blogs that get started are never finished and of those that get finished, 81% never make any money at all and only 8% make enough money to feed a family.  (..more info is available from   Bear in mind there are a lot of blogs out there and a large proportion of them are not doing it for the money, however many passionate bloggers would also like to be compensated for their efforts, and being able to earn a living from it means they can spend more time doing the sort of blogging they love.

Many people are also blogging intentionally to make some extra income and some are doing extremely well at it and earning a lot of money. Wherever you fit in this spectrum there is something here for you.

There are some basic rules and strategies for blogging if you want your blog to be profitable.  One of the major things you need to establish before people will trust you and look to you for advice or help or even to consider what you have to say, is Authority.  This does not come naturally to most people. But I have found an excellent resource that will solve this No.1 hurdle. In Ray Higdon’s 3-Minute Expert course you can learn these strategies and so much more.  This is such a complete resource on how to do profitable blogging the right way that it will help both complete newbies and seven figure earners.  (check out the videos below!)

So whether you are a million dollar marketer……


“My Blog Grew from $100,000 to $1 Million
When I Used Ray’s Blogging Strategies”





Or not….


“It’s 3 a.m. Now and I’m Blaming You Because I Was Going Through the 3-Minute Expert Course”



… Then this course is exactly what you need.





Why not start the right way and get $200 off this this amazing course by acting now.  To see if this is a good fit for you, check what the course contains and discover Ray’s 14 free Bonuses that come with it.

Ray Higdon’s  The 3-Minute Expert  –  CONTENTS


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