Internet Marketing Simplified

Internet Marketing Simplified

Many people have no idea what is meant by internet marketing.
They know they want to make money on-line but are not sure where to start.  For this reason I wanted to describe it in its most basic form.
Internet Marketing Simplified
Formula for success.

Internet marketing simplified goes like this.

  1. You find a group of people (“a hungry crowd”), who have a need or a problem or an interest or a passion or a hunger.
  2. You find a product or a service or a book or a device etc. that meets the needs of that group, such that they will buy it because it will solve their problem.
  3. You present your product to the people in that group in such a way that it meets their needs, and in so doing make a profit.

To make your internet marketing simplified, there are many ways this can be done and I will amplify each of the above points a little. Internet Marketing Simplified.

To find the crowd….  You need to research and collect and interact with a group of people who are passionate about something.  It could be breeding bantam hens or designing furniture or grooming cats or anything!  This group is called a “niche market”.

To find the product .. or service they need again requires some research as different markets have differing types of offers that are a good fit for your niche.  For example, it’s no good promoting cat food to model plane enthusiasts.

Many people who have produced their own product, use what is called Affiliate Marketing to distribute it.  They use affiliates to promote their product or service and share the profits with the affiliate.  A good source of these products and services that are easy to promote online is    There are also many other such “affiliate networks” that offer goods and services in a huge range of niches.

To present your product to your target market so they will buy from you, you need to have a means of generating traffic and leads and presenting your offer or solution to them.  The internet is full of courses teaching traffic methods. Some of these talk about Free Traffic which sounds nice but is not really free. Traffic that is useful is never free. You either pay with your time generating it or you pay with cash buying it.

I have spent a lot of money buying traffic training and courses that claimed to be the answer to the universe’s problems. They weren’t!   To make my internet marketing simplified, I decided to stop looking for quick-fix traffic solutions and actually learn how to generate traffic and leads myself.

I have found the best place on the net to learn about getting leads for your business. (The link below will connect you.) You will learn everything you need to get leads and increase sales.  This is a great place to start and a very helpful, newbie friendly community.  Whether you are just starting or an experienced marketer, you need this.  *** Without leads you will never make money online.***

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Enjoy success as you increase you value and skills.

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 Take care,
Andy Bu
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