Loyalty Program or Golden Goose?

loyalty program
Loyalty Cards- We Love ‘Em!









Loyalty Program or Golden Goose ?  You may well ask!  We are all familiar with loyalty programs. There are many of them. Air-miles, Affinity, AirPointsDollars, Fuel cards, Flybuys, Rewards Cards etc.. We love them.

Value..  We get value from them by using them each time we shop. The rewards accrue and when they reach a certain amount or when we feel like it, we reward ourselves by cashing in our rewards points and purchasing something we have been looking forward to buying. It might be a new espresso coffee machine, a fishing rod, a special dress you’ve had your eye on or a pair of shoes.

Reward Yourself..      The basics are, we shop, we accumulate our rewards points or dollars, we reward ourselves.  It’s a feel-good experience.  The owner of the reward program e.g. Wal-Mart, benefits by getting a loyal repeat customer and we benefit by cashing in our reward.

Internet Revolution..  That was all very nice and cosy then BOOM! Enter the internet. No longer do people exclusively hop in their cars and go to just their favorite stores so they can boost their Fly-buys total.  Many people are now shopping online.  In 2014 online shopping in the UK and Europe grew by 18.1% to 131.18 Billion Pounds. The USA did 213 Billion Dollars in 2013 and it is predicted to have grown by 57% in $2018.

Shopping  Online has arrived and is now mainstream behavior. This has impacted physical, traditional loyalty programs but has also enabled opportunity for new generations of entrepreneurs to fill the gap and evolve with the changing commercial world.  I recently checked out one such company and was astounded by what they have achieved.  They have developed a loyalty program that allows people to shop online exactly as they normally would.

Leveraging Technology.  They don’t just have a short list of shops that are part of the deal. Instead of a physical loyalty or reward card, there is a special toolbar on the customer’s computer browser. If the site they land on is affiliated to the reward program the toolbar pops up and says (for example),  “you are eligible for 15%  cashback at this store.” (You can see the incentive to the shopper to check that site out.)  The percentages vary from shop to shop.  If for this example you purchased a pair of shoes at an online store for $300, you would get $45 cashback credited to you cashback account.

So there we are. That is the basics of how you can save money with loyalty and cashback cards.

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