Team Andy

Team Andy

Hi and Welcome to the  Team!
By being here you have probably already done this but if you  haven’t, please put your details in the form to the right.


I am here to help you with your on-line business. If your experience is anything like mine was, there are a hundred ways to make money online and a thousand ways to lose it.

In fact, a lot of the ads that read “Make Money Online” Should really Read “Lose Money Online!” At least that would be more honest! So if I can stop you going down that track I feel my efforts will have been worthwhile.

Now – Take Action!

If you are looking for success but are struggling with your on-line business then you need to do these three things…..

  • 1.  Join Team Andy if you have not done so already. >>>>>
  • 2. Contact me (see below) and tell me you have joined.
  • 3.  Have a conversation with me on Skype or Facebook and tell me what is the biggest issue facing you in your business. If you are totally lost, I can get you un-lost!

You can connect with me on Skype as- “Anglerace2” – Just send me a Contact Request, with “Team Andy” in the message somewhere so I know its you and not some Russian dating service!

Or on Facebook at “Andy Bu – Internet Marketing” – Like the page AND request a chat on Skype or just send me a Friend Request to “Andy Bu” on Facebook and private message me. If I don’t respond immediately I apologize, please be persistent as I sometimes get rather busy!

For Beginners and Newbies.

If you are a beginner and are serious and impatient to start learning how to make money straight away, a great way to start is with the this unique system.  This system is packed full of practical information, the system and tools and is a great shortcut to you get started building an online business. It explains the System we use while providing incredible value and priceless gems you won’t find anywhere else.    For more info watch this

short video >>  Click here..  

Furthermore, if you are struggling but want you to succeed and build a real on-line business, not just a hobby, we will help you with any issues you have getting started.  It’s no fun just struggling away on your own going nowhere.

So, “Please!”,  hit me with questions!

Kind regards,
Andy Bu


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