Three Kinds of Marketing in the Internet Age..

Three Kinds of Marketing

In the context of  Marketing, Direct Sales, Home Based Business Opportunities, Multilevel Marketing, Network Marketing or whatever flavour spins your wheels; it is interesting to consider history and the approaches taken. The world has changed with the Internet age and so must our marketing… Perhaps?

Let’s take a look at the changes that have occurred and see if we can shed some light on the progress or otherwise that we have made.

First of all, what is marketing?

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers for the purpose of selling
that product or service.” -Wikipedia

Put another way,  “Marketing is finding a need that a person or distinct group of people (“a target market”) has and finding a solution to their problem and communicating the benefits of that solution to them in such a way that they will want to obtain it.”     -Andy Bu

So what are  these changes that have occurred and how should we respond in our efforts to adapt and improve as we help our customers find what they need?

Traditional Network Marketing Methods are marked by.:-

  • face to face, slow communication to a known audience.
  • reliant at first on your personal list of family, friends work colleagues, then the COLD MARKET,
  • paper media, hand-outs, fliers, fax, letterbox drops and then the dreaded TELEPHONE.
  • expensive resources, paper based
  • pretty much restricted to daytime hours
  • pretty much restricted to immediate geographic location

This is the traditional way of finding a market, finding out what the market needs and then publishing in magazines radio television etc advertisements that your product is available for them to buy and hurry as stocks won’t last etc! or take a direct sales company like Amway, and work your LIST.


With the rise of the internet came many changes that enabled marketers to vastly scale their operations and at the same time reduce their costs.  As a result much of the customer contact was lost or diluted.

  • impersonal contact using Internet and technologies, auto-responders, social media, mobile etc. detached, remote, focusing on “clicks”
  • Instant Communication, Large unknown audience, spam
  • Inexpensive or free resources, e.g. email, WordPress etc.
  • 24 hrs a day market
  • massive growth
  • unlimited by geography

This impersonal model worked well for a while and many marketers got very wealthy as a result but over time, as the market became more sophisticated and demanding, the methods used became less and less effective.

The Third Way –The Hybrid

This in my opinion is the way of the future. The best of modern techniques, modern media and technologies, and good old-fashioned face to face customer contact, in other words.

The Internet-Plus-Personal-

Contact To quote from an “old-school” marketer whose name I forget, (it was so long ago  it was on a cassette tape!),  “Changing the world, building your business, one person at a time, belly to belly, eyeball to eyeball.”    I am not sure about the “belly to belly”  bit but he has a point in that we are , in spite of the Internet and its vast reach, still human beings and the thing we all respond to in one way or other is human contact.

This quiet revolution is taking the best of both schemas and having a huge impact on results achieved by those practising these methods. Today we have tools and systems that can sift and sort through the millions of people participating on the Net each day, sort them into categories, find out what they like and want and need and find or create a product or service that satisfies that need.

We can then have a face to face conversation with them via “social media” to build relationships. We can offer them human connection, help and information and the solution to their need or problem. Then and only then, once they have rapport with us and trust us and know that we have a solution and are trying to help them, they will usually choose to buy from us, rather than from some anonymous stranger.

So do yourself a favour, learn from the past, look to the future, connect with people and whatever you , do it now.!
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©Andy Bu -Marketing Today, 2014

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