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How To Get Started With Valentus

How to get Started With Valentus.  A friend was complaining that people were continually pitching him with their business opportunities and haranguing him with their
coffee offers.  Don’t you hate that!  I am so glad I don’t need to do that to get leads.   I was once guilty of it when I was very new at this but I learned some secrets from a great community I belong to and it changed things dramatically!  (My secret advantage….)

Well, I know you are not a tire kicker as you have reached out to me and you are here because you have exactly the profile I am looking out for and working with.  What I have to show you is a significant opportunity for long-term residual income with Valentus, a company that did $300K their 1st year, 3M in 2015, and 32 M last year. 996% growth!

We have combined that with a power team of coaches and leaders to leverage it. If you have the right mindset and would like to take a slice of that over the next few years and beyond then we would love to work with you to see that you achieve it.  Since you found yourself here,  you are probably a great fit but at the end of the day it is up to you if you can see it and believe it and do it.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get started with Valentus. (You may have already done step 1.)  Normally I would drip-feed these to ensure you do them in order but since you seem pretty “onto-it”,  I will trust you to complete each item before proceeding.

How to get Started With Valentus …
Step 1.  Click on the link..  and  watch the little video (it auto starts) about the company I spoke of.  That is our vehicle.

Step 2.  When the company video has finished, or if you have already watched it, enter your details and click the button below,  to check out the power team hangout where actual participants tell their stories and results.  NB** I know you think you are busy but you won’t always be, so watch the whole of the hangout video as there are important details that will ensure you maximize the pay plan and don’t leave money on the table.

Step 3.  If you are ready to go all-in, drop me a note and let me know, but you don’t need me to hold your hand.  ( However, if by this stage you do not understand the significance of the Business Builder pack then just ask!) Just go here to login, and use the email address you used in step 2 when you pre-enroled.   Hit the big red button “Join Now”, create your username etc. and place your product order for the “Business Builder’s Pack” (option 4b).
You are on your way!

FaceBook – Andy Bu – Message me if you have questions.

p.s. If you want to try the products and don’t want to earn some extra money, that is fine too, just go here ..
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Diabetes Sufferer Rescued From Suicide

Diabetes Sufferer Rescued From Suicide.

These mystery products changed his life by 52 pounds and saved this diabetes sufferer from suicide.  I have been taking some awesome health products in recent times and really loving them but as I am reasonable healthy, I have not seen dramatic sensational changes in my life other than the loss of a few pounds round my tum and moobs! (More to lose here!)

Some people ask do these so-called weight loss products actually work?  The breakthrough discoveries that have occurred in the last three years are astounding. Many little-known natural plant-based extracts and ingredients have been researched and new compounds discovered.  Many companies are using these and incorporating them into their product lines to help those suffering from a large range of difficulties and degenerative diseases.   Listen here as one man tells his dramatic story.

Diabetes caused by obesity is just one example but migraines, circulatory issues and many other conditions that were considered difficult to treat, are beginning to be addressed by these new discoveries. If we don’t destroy all our rain-forests before it’s too late we may even discover cures for every kind of cancer but I am not holding my breath on that one.

I you want to find out more about the products I have been using check out this great innovative company that is helping so many people with their health and wellness issues.

Facebook Lead Generation Tricks

Facebook Lead Generation Tricks

In this post I discuss a special Facebook Lead Generation trick that can be used to get highly targeted leads for your business, M.L.M. or affiliate program.

Within the Facebook advertising platform lie some very valuable treasures.  Unfortunately for most of us they are buried in the deep dark mysteries of ninja techniques.  These are the things that the experts and “gurus” have discovered but do not share with anyone, least of all their potential competitors.

While doing a training with the group I am in, I discovered a gem that enables you to get highly targeted leads while remaining under the radar of the competition. Holy Grail This has been split-tested and found to produce quality leads that you can follow up, knowing that they want to hear from you. This is the Holy Grail of lead generation methods and what the guru’s always aim for but never reveal.

Ninja Facebook Lead Generation

ninja Facebook Lead Generation

This technique uses a feature of the Facebook advertising platform that with two clicks by the prospective lead, will capture the name address, email phone or whatever you like and pass it on to you to follow up. This is combined with an obscure un-advertised feature that is not easy to find.

When you get the lead I would advise you immediately reach out to them with value. This can be a free report, recipe or great content of some sort relevant to them.  Follow up with congruent value is really important to the retention of your lead and conversion to a long-term high value customer.

You can use this technique to get inexpensive leads who are targeted to your niche and offers. If you are building an online business or an MLM this is perfect for lead generation.

To learn how to do this in detail, check out this free training,

“Ninja Lead Method”  which is where I learned this technique and several other really useful lead generation methods.