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7 Untapped Traffic Sources

7 Untapped Traffic Sources

I want to give you a bit of a leg up by introducing you to 7 untapped traffic sources I use. To promote my business and lead customers to my business and on-line offers I use a variety of traffic generation methods.  They vary in complexity but anyone can learn them with the right training.

Basically, if you can follow instructions and can drive a mouse, you can do it.  All of the providers or platforms have their own training or help files but some is better than others.  What they don’t have is a coherent plan and overall strategy to tie it all together and help you construct a profitable web-based business.

I want you to know that when I started using these methods (in March) and this training, the visitors to my site increased by over 800%.  This can make a huge difference to your on-line income.

traffic march to june
Traffic March to 26th June.

You can get access to this free training, by clicking   here to watch and checking it out for yourself.  (You will be asked for your name and email which I strongly advise you to supply as the free tips and advice they will send you are full of practical things you can implement immediately).  At the end of the training there is also an opportunity to purchase the Marketing Mastery Kit ($19) and get deeper into the how-to and details of traffic generation. This small charge is to discourage “tire kickers” and robots and to prove that you are serious about building an online future.   There are also other programs available for people who want to scale their businesses.

In short, your one stop shop for traffic resources…

Anyway, check out the free video detailing the 7 traffic sources and it will give you a good idea if this guy is for real or talking crap!  If you feel he is the real deal then jump in, get connected and we will help you move forward.

—>>>>>Click Here to watch!

Try it out now and then come back and thank me or give any other feedback!


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Your Crap Blog Not Making You Money?

Your Crap Blog Not Making You Money

“To every thing, turn, turn, turn, -There is a season,  turn…….  (The Byrds)  ”   as the song goes.     We can rewrite that,    “For every failure there is a reason!”  Hey it rhymes a bit.  If you are frustrated with the monetisation of your blog, assuming you have made a decent job of it and know how to monetise, then what you need is traffic.   Problem solved, full bank account cash coming in etc.

Simple solution :   Discover Untapped Traffic Sources

The Neccesity For Belief In Yourself In Your Online Business

In order for you to have success in your on-line business there are certain things you need to have permanently in your mindset.  One of those is belief in yourself.  Without it you will constantly be fighting against your own talents and abilities and will undermine and sabotage yourself whenever you are about to be successful.

Often your lack of self-belief will be based on fears or ideas that are simply not true, but just because they are not true doesn’t stop them preventing you getting to where you want to be.  As you go about the other parts of your business, the area that will need most work will always be you.  Never neglect to invest in that “most important part” of your business, YOU!

What do I mean by invest?  Put in the time you need to change the habits and thought processes that hold you back.  Buy the books and resources you need.  Get on webinars with people who can help.  Get a coach.  Coaches are expensive and can cost thousands of dollars but often someone outside yourself and your immediate circle of people can see things clearer.  They are also free to tell you the odd ugly truth you may need to face.

This is the sort of thing I mean..

If you need help or advice regarding your online business I will help you.  Reach out and join Team Andy and we can have a chat.

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