Urgent! This Law Will Affect Your Internet Business.

Urgent! This Law Will Affect Your Internet Business.   You need to be aware of it.

Without wanting to put on a pointy hat and starting to chant, I want to tell you about a law that will affect your marketing results, whether you are aware of it or not.  It is not a new law. You have probably heard about it.  It known as the law of sowing and reaping otherwise referred to as , “You reap what you sow. ”  Some would say,  karma or, “What goes around comes around”, or other variants.

This is a universal spiritual law which is as reliable and invariable as the law of gravity.

Looked at in this light, the Internet is good soil for your “marketing seeds”.  It doesn’t care.  It is so large it is unchanged and unfazed by what you do but it always behaves consistently.  It is like a perfect market.  E.g. a bit like a share market that has very high volume.  Your little trade will not affect it.  What you do on the internet is such a small part of the whole that you won’t influence it’s response or trends. It has huge mass and momentum.  It is neutral and unbiased.

Ok! So what are the seeds?

The seeds are what you contribute to the lives of others by the content you give.  If you just take-take-take from the Web you will be the poorer for it. On the other hand if you give, give, give, the Web will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.

If you sow good content seed you will reap a rich harvest; the Internet will reward you.  You sow bad seed , bad content, and again, the Internet will reward you accordingly.  It is totally consistent.  It doesn’t change; it rewards you depending on what your sow, be that good or bad.  You will harvest a good crop financially (dollars) or a bad crop financially (i.e. debt).  The great thing about this lifestyle business is that you get to choose which result you want by what you choose to sow.

Choose carefully what you sow!


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