10 Reasons Why Most Online Marketers Fail


Why Marketers Fail – 10 Reasons!

Why do marketers fail? We all know that exceptionally good money can be made on-line but the sad fact is that many people fail in their attempts to establish themselves in an on-line business. It is important to remember that this is not exclusive to the on-line world. Many ordinary or “brick and mortar” businesses also fail for a variety of reasons. But today we are just considering the Internet and its vast opportunities.

There are many reasons people don’t succeed in their pursuit of an online income. I have failed in all these areas at least once myself, and some of them many times. How about you?

The 10 Reasons Why Most Online Marketers Fail

1.  Lack of vision
2. Lack of a plan Lack of follow through
3. Too small a vision
4. Lack of self-belief
5. Marketing products you don’t identify with
6. Giving up just when you are about to succeed
7. Family opposition and criticism
8. Lack of investment in yourself and your business
9. Treating your online business like a hobby not a business
10. Getting distracted by “Bright Shiney Things” -(other opportunities)

-and probably a few more you can think of also. If you look at the list above you may notice that the biggest challenges to the on-line market success are not in physical things but in the mind. It necessary to be disciplined and to overcome every obstacle with a positive attitude, enthusiastic optimism and refusing to believe that your future is anything other than amazingly, awesomely fruitful, successful and financially rewarding.

Blaming failure on someone else or your circumstances is also fatal to your business as it shows that you are not really taking total responsibility for your own success or failure!

So with these little challenges out of the way, what do you need to do to become successful on-line? You need great attitudes, You need a plan, You need to take constant consistent action. You need to review your progress and adjust your processes accordingly, then repeat…. That’s it!

So if you are wanting an exciting future in a home based business, MLM, on-line income opportunity, and IF you have great attitudes, then I can help you with the rest. I can tailor a plan to your needs, show you the technical stuff you need to know and generally give advice and encouragement when needed.

I won’t take over your project, I won’t take responsibility for your success or failure, I won’t whip you if you are lazy. I will support you when you have challenges. I will encourage you, I will praise you when your inner genius shines and your creativity turns into cash. If you have any questions please contact me.


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